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Low cost vacuum sensor for diesel fuel Hello sendo sensor, I am interested in a low cost vacuum sensor similar to your SS301 series. The unit needs to measure from 0.5 Hg to a max of 18.5 Hg. The sensor is needed for a new application/product. We need to measure vacuum pressure from 0 to 20 inches of mercury Read More >>



Submersible pressure transducer stainless steel construction Hello sendo sensor, I’m looking for a non-clog submersible pressure transducer with the follow specifications. I thought your SS122 Series submersible pressure transducer looked like a good bases for the transducer. Pressure Transducer Specifications · Submersible · Non-Clogging (Waste Water Application) Read More >>



4-20mA industrial pressure transmitter for hydraulic system Hi sendo senosr, we are a research company, we are looking for industrial pressure transmitters that offer 4-20mA output signal with 25Mpa gauge pressure, the pressure connection 1/4npt is acceptable to us. The sensors will be used in oil pressure Read More >>



Differential pressure transducer 20Kpa for level measurement Hello, we are interested in differential pressure transducer and the range should be 1 to 2 PSI, we don’t need the sensors giving the direct out put of 4-20mA. We have our own circuit to convert the signal to extracted square root and give the 4-20 mA. Read More >>