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The performance of oil pressure sensor 10bar SS204 series piezoresisitive pressure sensors for oil pressure measuring are the premium products of the SENDO OEM-line, it is a very classic sensor used in air and water applications, smart size,beautiful appearance, light weigh only about 60g. Read More >>



Parameters for piezoresistive pressure transmitter There are many types of pressure sensors, and its performance are also quite different, how to choose more suitable and economic sensors ? here is the detail: piezoresistive pressure transmitter 4-20mA 1, Rated pressure range 2, The maximum pressure range Read More >>



How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor(output signal and excitation voltage) The output signal of the sensor.Almost all of the sensors have MV output(piezoresistive pressure transducer with mV output signal, see picture 1 and 2),or V(low cost pressure sensor 0-10V, see picture 3 ) and mA output(industrial pressure sensor 4-20mA output, see picture 4). Read More >>



How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor(accuracy and temperature compensation) 3, What kind of accuracy sensors need. Accuracy is a term used to describe the sensors' output error, these errors may be derived from non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability, temperature, zero balance, calibration and humidity effects Read More >>



How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor(pressure range and tested medium) How to choose a piezoresistive pressure sensor (pressure range and tested medium) To choose the right piezoresistive pressure sensors, first we must know the technical specifications of the pressure sensor, such as pressure range, accuracy Read More >>