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The low cost pressure transmitters and features

Low cost pressure sensor also called cost effective pressure sensor or cheap pressure sensor, applicated in the enviroment that the accuracy is not so critical, typical 0.5% or 1.0%. The low cost type pressure sensor is utilize a hihg stable piezoreisistive silicon chip as the sensing element, combined with a special designed PCB to give a 4-20mA current output or 0-10V vlotage output signal, smart size, light weight, ideal for these space limited applications. We offer various of optionals, pressure connection, output and even custom made.
SS207 Series Low cost Pressure Sensor is the one of the most mature product in Sendo, 5VDC,12VDC or 24VDC power supply, offer voltage signal output 0.5-4.5V, 1-5V or 1-10V. it is OEM tested, with typical 1.0% to 2.0% accuracy, long term stability, good repeatability, has been wildly used in automotive oil system, automotive AC system, automotive brake system and other car security
10bar pressure sensor for waterSS301 series 10bar pressure sensor for water
SS301 series piezoresistive pressure sensor take advantage of piezoresistive technology, and are fully steel media isolating with stainless steel and no internal elastomer seals. This design often makes them resistant to harsh, aggressive media and challenging environments. typically applicated in water treatment system such as pump, another pressure is 16bar.
OEM Pressure Sensor for hydraulic applicationSS302 Series OEM Pressure Sensor for hydraulic application
SS302 series piezoresistive pressure transmitters are the basic type in sendo sensor, also it is the most widely used one, adopt a high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer as the sensing part, used with a special digital circuit, widely temperature compensated, well suitable for precision applications in industrial environments for pressures ranging from 0,1 to 1000 bar, liquids or gas.
High Temperature Pressure SensorSS303 Series High Temperature Pressure Sensor
SS303 Series High Temperature Pressure Transmitter is piezoresistive pressure transmitter with zero and span adjustable. It uses high stable and reliable pressure transuducer and special circuit board to produce transmitter, and performance is good and reliable.
4-20mA Ceramic Pressure SensorSS307 Series 4-20mA Ceramic Pressure Sensor
SS307 Series 4-20mA Ceramic Pressure Sensor give out a current signal 4~20mA or voltage signal 1~10V directly proportional to the pressure value present on the system to which they are connected.
Sanitary Pressure SensorSS401 Series Sanitary Pressure Sensor
SS401 Series Sanitary Pressure Transmitter designed with piezoresistive sensor technology, feature 0.5% or even 0.25% accuracy, rugged 316L SS diaphragm construction and a wide operating temperature range, are available with industry standard 1.5” or 2” sanitary/clamp fittings.
Flush Diaphragm Pressure SensorSS402 Series Flush Diaphragm Pressure Sensor
SS400-2 Series Sanitary Pressure Transmitter,use high precision and high stability pressure transducer,with a full stainless steel construction and standardization of output,with high precision, adjustment-free ,wide range of coverage, and suitable to all areas.