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0 to 5 v 3 wire low cost china pressure sensor 0 6000 psi | SS30214G6000P5V | Sendo Sensor


CE conformity Silicone oil filled Stainless steel 316L diaphragm
Reverse polarity protection
Zero and span filed adjustment

SS302 series piezoresistive pressure transmitters are the basic type in sendo sensor, also it is the most widely used one, work following the piezoresistive principle, standard medium working temperature from -20~100°C. These sensors adopt a high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer as the sensing part, the inner structure is O-ring sealed, 0 to 70°C wide temperature compensation, well suitable for precision applications in industrial environments for pressures ranging from 0,1 to 1000 bar, liquids or gas.

Technical data

Supply Voltage

12 → 36VDC

Output Signal

0 → 5V

Pressure Range

6000 psi gauge

Proof Pressure






Temp Coefficient


Response Time


Environmental conditions

Medium temperature range

-20°C → +100°C

Ambient temperature range

-20°C → +80°C

Compensated temp range

0°C → +70°C

EMC - Emission

EN 61000-6-3

EMC - Immunity

EN 61000-6-1

Insulation resistance >100 MΩ at 250 V

Mechanical configurations

Pressure Connection


Electrical Connection


Sealing Rating



Stainless Steel 304


Stainless Steel 316L

O-ring Viton

Electrical connections

4-20mA  (2 wire)

Pin1: + supply   Pin 2: + output

0-5V       (3 wire)

Pin1: + supply   Pin 2: GND   Pin3: + output

0-10V     (3 wire)

Pin1: + supply   Pin 2: GND   Pin3: + output

0.5-4.5V (3 wire)

Pin1: + supply   Pin 2: GND   Pin3: + output


SS30214G6000P5V | buy 0 to 5 v 3 wire low cost china pressure sensor, 0 6000 psi 12 to 36 vdc pressure transducer, g1/4 inch process connection from Sendo Sensor, The models SS302 offer an accuracy of 0.5 %. In combination with an exceptional long-term stability, reliable acquisition of the measured values is ensured.